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Professional Photographer
Perfectly capturing the scene.
While I am not the absolute best modeling subject, Porschelyne was very patient, assisted and worked with me for several hours to ensure that we captured all of the photos that I wanted to have taken. I truly appreciate that she did not rush me or make me feel like I was under some kind of time constraint. Thank you Porschelyne :)
Let us turn your vision into reality. 
Porschelyne has been taking quality photographs for businesses since 2012. If you require quality photos for your website of your product line, staff, facilities or operations, Porsche can help. Don't rely on explensive stock images - Porsche can take high quality photos at a good price and his team are experts in arrangment and pre and post shoot details.
I have conducted professional photo shoots for the benefit of the Health Sciences Simulation Center (HSSC) @ Broward College. I have worked with both the HSSC department as a contracted photographer and my work appears on their website.
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My Approach
I am a freelance Photographer whose shooting style changes to meet the needs of my clients.  I am experienced with the science of photography, art and lighting..  I have technical experience of how it all works.  I listen to my Clients so I can give them exactly what they want.  So the only question I have for you is... Whats your Vision???  It would be my pleasure to  make that vision come to life!  This is how I shoot!!!!